07 May 2007

A Tribute To Our Corpsmen

I salute you, our fallen brothers, who died as bravely as any Marine. I don't know any Marine who wouldn't claim you as one of our own.

I'm the One Called Doc

By: Harry D. Penny, J. HMC(AC) USN

I shall not walk in your footsteps,
but I will walk by your side.
I shall not walk in your image,
I've earned my own title of pride.
We've answered the call together,
on sea and foreign land.
When the cry for help was given,
I've been there right at hand.

Whether I am on the ocean
or in the jungle wearing green,
Giving aid to my fellow man,
Be it Sailors or Marines.
So the next time you see a corpsman,
And you think of calling him "squid",
Think of the job he's doing
As those before him did.
And if you ever have to go out there
And your life is on the block,
Look at the one right next to you...
I'm the one called "Doc".

HM3 Conal J. Byrne H&S 2/4 Silver Star
HM3 Arthur D. Esqueda H&S 2/4
HM3 Joseph A. Coomes H&S 2/4

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J. T. Welther HM3/USN said...

I was a corpsmen with Echo co. in '67 but transfered out before they moved out of Camp Evans. I met HM3 Esqueda just briefly and wished him well. I knew HM2 Bob Bardach for several weeks while at Evans. He replaced me as senior "Doc of the company as I was only an HM3.
I still have my field diary covering our day to day life from Feb. to early Sept. Remembered forever because I wrote it all down.
Sincerely, James "Doc" Welther