21 June 2007

Medal of Honor and Navy Cross Recipients in the Con Thien Area of Operations, 1966-68

When Bob Bliss, Mark Faucett, and I started this blog, our main purpose was to tell the story of and find other survivors of the battle on September 21, 1967. While doing research on the fighting around Con Thien and the DMZ, I realized that I needed to recognize all the troops who fought in that area since we all shared common experiences. To bring recognition to those men and their units, I now present the following Medal of Honor and Navy Cross recipients. I apologize to the Silver and Bronze Star recipients as I had no source for them. I know every man who ever spent time at the DMZ deserves our respect and many deserve medals they never received. You know who you are. I salute you.

If anyone knew any of these men and would like to write about them, just contact me.

Semper Fi,
Bill Sellers
Golf 2/4 67-68

Medal of Honor

Cpl. Jedh Colby Barker 09/21/1967 F 2/4 Kingfisher
Sgt. Paul H. Foster 10/14/1967 2/4 Kingfisher
2nd Lt. John Paul Bobo 03/30/1967 I 3/9 Prairie III
Cpl. Larry L. Maxam 02/02/1968 D 1/4 Kentucky
Sgt. Walter K. Singleton 03/24/1967 A 1/9 Prairie III

Navy Cross

SSgt. Russell Armstrong 09/07/1967 I 3/26 Kingfisher
Cpl. James J. Barrett 09/10/1967 I 3/26 Kingfisher
Sgt. David G. Brown 09/10/1967 L 3/26 Kingfisher
LCpl. Randall A. Browning 09/10/1967 A 3d AT Kingfisher
Capt. Andrew D. DeBona 09/10/1967 M 3/26 Kingfisher
Pfc. Mark W. Judge 09/21/1967 E 2/4 Kingfisher
Capt. James E. Murphy 10/26/1967 2/4 Kingfisher
Cpl. Tiago Reis 09/21/1967 F 2/4 Kingfisher
Cpl. Miguel R. Sotomayer 07/29/1967 F 2/4 Kingfisher

HM3 James Ashby 06/01/1967 L 3/9 Cimarron
LCpl. David G. Bendorf 05/20/1967 L 3/9 Hickory
Cpl. Richard K. Gillingham05/19/1967 H 2/9 Hickory
Pfc. David E. Hartsoe 05/20/1967 L 3/9 Hickory

SSgt. Leon R. Burns 07/02/1967 B 1/9 Buffalo
LCpl. Merritt T. Cousins 07/08/1967 B 1/12 Buffalo
1st Lt. Gatlin J. Howell 07/02/1967 1/9 Buffalo
Capt. Albert C. Slater 07/6-7/1967 A 1/9 Buffalo
LCpl. James L. Stuckey 07/06/1967 C 1/9 Buffalo

2nd Lt. Kenneth L. Christy01/18/1968 L 3/4 Kentucky
Cpl. Harry J. Corsetti 08/15/1968 3rd Recon Kentucky
Cpl. Lawrence M. Eades 02/02/1968 CAC-P Kentucky
Pvt. Marc J. Kuzma 04/26/1968 A 1/4 Kentucky
Cpl. Timothy W. Russell 02/02/1968 D 1/4 Kentucky

HM Gollie L. Grant 09/19/1966 B 1/26 Prairie

Capt. William M. Keys 03/02/1967 D 1/9 Prairie II
Capt. Michael P. Getlin 03/30/1967 I 3/9 Prairie III
Cpl. John L. Loweranitis 03/30/1967 I 3/9 Prairie III
1st Sgt. Raymond G. Rogers03/30/1967 I 3/9 Prairie III

HM Charles H. Crawford 05/29/1967 M 3/4m Prairie IV
Sgt. Ronald T. Curley 05/16/1967 F 2/26 Prairie IV
Sgt. David J. Danner 05/08/1967 A/3rd Tank Prairie IV
Pfc. Henry C. Dillard 05/29/1967 M 3/4 Prairie IV
L.Cpl. Michael P. Finley 05/08/1967 A 1/4 Prairie IV
Cpl. Richard E. Moffit 05/16-17/1967 G 2/26 Prairie IV
L. Cpl. Robert Monohan 05/28/1967 D 1/9 Prairie IV
1st Sgt. Jettie Rivers, Jr. 05/14-15/1967 D 1/9 Prairie IV
L. Cpl. Michael E. Stewart 05/13/1967 A 1/9 Prairie IV
L. Cpl. Charles D. Thatcher 05/08/1967 A/3rd Tank Prairie IV
Pfc Armand R. Thouvenell 05/29/1967 M 3/4 Prairie IV

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Anonymous said...

Condolences to Channel 7/WJLA reporter Natasha Barrett. We're told that her father, James Barrett, 65, died last week. He was a Vietnam vet, and won the bronze Medal Of Honor. More at cyfairfunerals.com. She's been off the air to attend services in Mississippi.....


Dick Moran
USAF 68-72
U-Tapao Thailand 70-72