05 July 2007

Faces In The Wall

By: Christine Trollinger
In Memory of:
2/4 Casualties 9/21/67

When you approach the Wall, can you tell me what you see?
Do you see balance and beauty laid out in perfect harmony?
Perhaps this is all the merely curious ever really see.

Some come to the Wall looking for just one precious name.
Maybe it is a brother, father, child or a friend.
The heart, which knows this name, must see a face, a place and a sad time in our nations history.

Some come to the Wall at the break of dawn with two or more names written upon their heart. They see more than names etched in granite stone. They must surely travel back in time and in memory to a place where they can see the faces of those who were so much a part of the fabric of their lives. Brothers and friends whose loss changed the color of their lives.

For all the hearts that have been broken in the aftermath of War, for all the words unspoken to those they still adore…”May Christ’s Peace” be with them and may they come to understand:

“They lived and died for all of us, and have risen from this…”Their Calvary.” The veil, which now divides us, is only for a little while.

They died that we might complete our own special mission living out our lives with dignity, honor, grace and even joy. And once our Mission is accomplished, we shall see them once again. Let us not cry for those who are gone, for they have fulfilled their Mission with utmost grace. Rather let us rejoice that we stand to testify to the worth of their sacrifices…until we meet again.

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