21 April 2007

Of Special Interest

A special thank you to Mark and Bob for allowing me to be a part of this project. Having kept my memories locked away or trying to forget many things I find I can't forget, I now find it helpful to share these things with others who understand. I have found old friends and made new ones too. Perhaps this site will help others to do the same.
Our research is going very well, except in one area. We have had very little luck in finding anyone from echo company.The sequence of events on Sept. 21st concerning the movement of echo, fox, and golf is fairly well established. What we don't have is anyone from echo to give us a detailed account of their part in the battle that day. In the heat of battle you tend to be aware of whats going on in your immediate area but beyond that details are lost in what has come to be known as the "fog of war".For this reason, we need as many detailed accounts of the battle from different perspectives as we can get. So we need you men of 2/4, but especially the men of echo company.This is the only way the men who fought and gave their all that day can get the credit they deserve for a job well done in the best tradition of the corps. The families of these men deserve to know what they did and in many cases how they were wounded or died. If you agree, please help us find these men so what happened on Sept. 21st,1967 will never be forgotten.

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