25 April 2007


John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

God help us always to have them, men who believe in what they are doing, and who will fight for what they believe.

Golf Company, 2/4 Marines, lost eleven men in the fighting:

Sgt Charles W. Roberts, Alexandria, LA
Cpl Richard A. Janigian, Beaverton, OR
LCpl Willie Greene, Macon, GA
LCpl John H. Kavulak, Omaha, NE
LCpl Juan A. Rodriguez, Corpus Christi, TX
LCpl Gary R. Schafer, Bel Air, MD
LCpl John L. Harris, Baltimore, MD
Pfc William J. Kildare, Ogallala, NE
Pfc Robert S. Mueller, South Haven, MI
Pfc Walter Sauer, Hinckley, OH
Pfc Clarence D. Sheibley, Elliottsburg, PA

Hotel Company and H & S Company, lost 1 man

Albert Kedroski, Jr., H&S 2/4

Echo Company, lost 2 men

Mark Warren Judge, Echo 2/4
Luis Ortiz-Corredore, Echo 2/4

Fox Company, lost 14 men

Sgt Kenneth M. Montone, Great Neck, NY
Cpl Tiago Reis, New Bedford, MA (Navy Cross)
Cpl William J. Balfour, Toledo, IA
Cpl William A. Berry, Yreka, CA
Cpl Jimmy D. Curry, San Jose, CA (Silver Star)
Cpl Timothy P. Jennings, Houston, TX
LCpl Victor P. Andreozzi, Barrington, RI
LCpl Jedh C. Barker, Park Ridge, NJ (Medal of Honor)
LCpl David F. Garrett, Evansville, IN
LCpl Brent A. Holte, Bakersfield, CA
LCpl Theodore Johnson, Homestead, PA
LCpl Kenneth L. Plumadore, Syracuse, NY
Pfc Richard A. Hamblin, Madison, OH
Pfc James E. Trushaw, St Petersburg, FL

2nd BN - 12th Marine Regiment, lost 1 man

LCpl. Charles M. Castillo, Artillery Forward Observer

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Anonymous said...

I am the nephew of Cpl. Jimmy D. Curry. Thank you for remembering him and his fellow US Marines who died that day (9/21/1967). It was supposed to be his last day in-country and he went out to fight and die with his friends... I have been forever mindful of of the sacrifices that each of you endured then (and now). Thank you ALL!!!!! Gregory Brewer